‘The student’s queen’ is not just a beauty contest but also an interesting show with an exciting plot. In its course girls demonstrated not just their sporty bodies in their traditional outings in bathing suits and underwear, but also their plasticity and genius to acting, as every of them had to participate in broad-scale and spectacular performances.

Magic outgoings of the contestants reminded the jury that they would have to choose a winner. Spectators also had an opportunity to take part in a choice of the main beauty. Thus, during an interval everyone could vote for a girl he liked who then would wear the band of ‘Spectators’ likings Miss’.

While the most exciting moment of the contest the girls showed on the scene in their evening dresses. After traditional flowers and gifts from sponsors and partners of the evening masters at least announced the results. The title of ‘Queen of the Podium’ was won by the student of the National Shipbuilding University named after admiral Makarov. Xenia from Chernomorsk State University won the greatest number of votes, The student of Nikolayev National University Anna got the band of ‘The Vice-Queen’. The main title and the crown of the students’ queen was entrusted for the whole year to Alina from the University of admiral Makarov. The winner who at once got a great tornado of cheers, flowers and kisses couldn’t keep her tears. The Queen comes into her own right, meaning that in the students’ kingdom there rule beauty and festivity again.