Association of Variety Arts Personalities of Ukraine was accurately preparing to make to their city on its birthday a gift of a holiday of beauty and phantasy – the Second Parade of Nikolayev Brides. However, a rain shower didn’t let a director show to the citizens the defile-show on the Kashtanov Square. Thus, a decision was taken to hold a flashmob on Sovetskaya Street near the ‘Continent’ hotel.

It’s worth admitting that it didn’t spoil the mood of neither girls nor spectators. Women of different ages came for the holiday. While photographers and camera-control engineers were shooting the show, spectators couldn’t avoid keeping their eyes on 22 brides. In spite of the rain many spectators came. Their attention was attracted by the great number of beauties in wedding dresses. The creative studio together with girls from the model agency ‘Miranda’ presented some shiny and beautiful images.

All costumes sparkled with bright colors. Girls were young and beautiful. The holiday program lasted for more than an hour. And ‘City Center’ together with the entertainment complex ‘City Entertainment’ was waiting for the participants. Again, an eventful photo session, video recording and sincere communication.

No matter the Parade of Brides was meant to be a promotion action for wedding fashion salons (both married and unmarried women took part in the Parade), it didn’t turn to promo-action. Probably, deep inside every girl’s soul there is a wish to become a bride at least once in a lifetime, which is natural, as tales usually end with a wedding. Then there was a final. It was a wonderfully beautiful and bright show. The city of brides should see its beauties in a big program!