The second tour gathered 24 beautiful contestants on the scene of ‘Yunost’ concert-hall. However, only a half of them were so lucky and come through to the final. One of 12 project participants who won the second tour of the Nikolayev talent-show won the title of ‘The best girl of the city N’.

According to the conditions of the contests any girl from Nikolayev at the age of 16-28 could become a participant. If in the first tour it was enough just to vote for a girl in a social network with a big number of likes under her photos, on the second stage of the project girls showed their talents – read poems, danced, sang, painted and even projected themselves into Juliette. Due to it they conquered a favor of judges and gratitude of spectators.

Eventually, prizes and winners’ bands in nominations deservedly got: Yulia Akserova who became ‘the best girl’ by the version of ‘NikLife’, Tatyana Brik – ‘The best dancer’, Nika Kozakova – ‘The best vocal’, Natalia Shushlebina – ‘The best in questions’, Marina Belova – ‘The best actress’. And a colossal confetti firework fell on ‘The best girl of the city N’ contest winner, the charming Ksenia Chernova.