Anna, 20 y/o   Olga, 21 y/o   Juliya 19 y/o
Oksana, 35 y/o   Alena, 34 y/o   Tatyana 24 y/o
Olga, 26 y/o   Natalya, 29 y/o   Katya, 35 y/o
Juliya, 32 y/o   Anna, 27 y/o   Viktoriya, 26 y/o y/o
Elizaveta, 22 y/o   Elena, 34 y/o   Olga, 37 y/o y/o
Elena, 26 y/o   Svetlana, 24 y/o   Anastasiya, 26 y/o y/o

It turned out that Nikolayev didn’t become a big industrial city. It didn’t become famous for its humor, as, for example, Odessa. There was neither Eifel tower nor spaceport built in Nikolayev. Still, citizens of Nikolayev, as well as citizens of other cities want to be proud of something. That’s why local beauties patiently take the heat. As they say, Nikolayev is the city of ukrainian brides. And also it is said that in this city live the most beautiful girls in Ukraine. Is it really so? We offer you to make sure in it by yourselves after looking at our photo gallery.

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